About Us

Pulmonary Associates is a private specialty practice that provides medical services in pulmonary, critical care and sleep disorders. Pulmonary Associates, which is a private referring hospital for ten southeastern counties in Iowa. Our practice provides the most current and cutting-edge services in pulmonary medicine and sleep disorders. Our ambulatory center contains a comprehensive array of the most up to date diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and services.

Pulmonary Associates was founded by Dr. Alan Moy. Dr. Moy is the Founder of Cellular Engineering Technologies, a biotechnology company in Coralville, Iowa that focuses on commercial preclinical applications in tissue engineering, which includes non-human embryonic stem cell research for preclinical drug development. Dr. Moy is also the Director of the John Paul II Medical Research Institute, whose mission focuses on educational and translational adult stem cell research.


Pulmonary Associates will move to its new location at:

2500 Crosspark Rd
Suite W230
Coralville, IA 52241

Office Phone: 319-887-2873

Fax: 319-887-2870

Pulmonary Associates · 2500 Crosspark Rd, Suite W230 · Coralville, IA 52241 · Office: 319-887-2873; Fax: 319-887-2870